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About Me Wedding Photographer Italy


I was born in Sicily in 1982, but all my memories are tied up with Turin, the city where I grew up, I studied and began to take photos.

I started at a very young age, took photos during my high school and university years, and continued to do so while I shifted from one job to another, all the time trying to figure out what I wanted to do as a grownup.

Well, almost.
Throughout those years, I never really asked myself what or who I wanted to become: I lived from one day to the next, my reflex camera on my side as a trusted adventure buddy and all the lightness of youth.

The common thread of those years? Photography courses. I took loads of them, more or less (non)professional, until I decided to try to make a job out of my passion. To do so, I needed more training, more experience, I needed to learn from true experts in the field.

Getting one of the three scholarships offered annually by IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) was my first step towards a career as a professional photographer.

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Why Photography

Some people express themselves by singing, or painting, or sculpting… I decided to do it by taking pictures.

I chose photography because with a click it captures images of the world around us, and it does so without artifices or over-editing – these are adjustments made by photographers to enhance their images, a stylistic choice I do not appreciate nor share.

Photography has the power to stop time, and it enables me to tiptoe into the lives of my clients, become part of their world and bathe in their happiness. I’m a silent witness to their special moments, keen to capture every heartfelt smile, without ever interfering or making myself obtrusive.

Portrait photography is the way I try to help my clients be more self-confident, familiarise with the camera and feel at ease, so they can show their most beautiful, spontaneous inner self.

To create a good portrait, in which a person can “see” themselves, and feel good with it, is by no means an easy task: and yet, to see someone smile as they look at their portrait is one of the most exciting, most satisfying aspects of my work.